Licensing World Class Ducks!

Ride The Ducks International has licensee opportunities available for the right individuals with its World Class Ducks!

Why a duck tour


It’s unique. A land and water experience.It’s fun. A high energy, engaging adventure.Grabs attention at the curb and on the street.

Offers something for everyone.

Has strong product loyalty. Duck riders look for Ducks everywhere.

It’s a Tour and an Attraction.

Strong group interest among youth and corporate.



National in scope!

More Ducks on the road than anyone. 95 Ducks operating in 6 US markets. Entertaining over 1,500,000 people on 50,000 tours annually.

Experience in cities, vacation destinations, attractions, on lakes, rivers and bays in fresh and salt water.


RTD is the industry leader!

The only organization with close to 40 years experience in Duck development and operations.

Builder of the world’s largest fleet of tourism ready amphibious vehicles.

Building vehicles from the ground up, under United States Coast Guard supervision, since 1997!


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Ride The Ducks International
World Class Ducks